Technical Analysis for Cryptocurrency Tutorial ( Crypto Candlestick Charts For Beginners EP1 ) Tamil

Technical analysis for cryptocurrency – crypto technical analysis to trade crypto. Crypto candlestick charts, how to trade crypto with …


  1. Viewers…. just hit the like button and appreciate the team since it is more informative naama edhuedhuko panrom ithuku pannuvomae… 😉 All the best for the new start team 😉👍 supporting as always

  2. Bro kandipa intha mathiri niraya video pannuga! Because basic theriyuma! Na last 3 days munnadithan crypto trading la 30000/- lost aaginan! I mean sep 7th crypto market down aanapo awlo amount um lost aachu 😢 intha video neega oru week munadi podirutha help aa irunthirukum ☹️ any way welcome 👍

  3. Thank you very much bro 🙏👌
    I'm beginner, much useful for me to understand the candles 😊
    Your way of teach and effort will Appreciated. Eagerly waiting for the next episode 🤩
    Once again thanks a lot bro….

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