Support And Resistance Didn't Work Till I Discovered This SECRET

In this video, you’ll learn how support and resistance can help you better time your entries, exits, and even “predict” market turning …


  1. Plz ans any one
    At time 25 min. Canadian dollar 103.500 to 104 support there is support. And at support there is bullish engulfing. But there is no break out. Breakout fail why?

  2. I wantto join your classes if you conduct them online because i'm from south africa and i'm interested in your work you got the energy and i understand you more than other tutors which platforms do you use or where can i communicate with you

  3. I have been trading in intraday for a while, never have I seen such video indicating how to properly draw the support-resistance using different time frames & marking Stop-Loss areas. Your in-depth video really helped me to identify the zones properly for the past couple of trading days.

    Nice if you clarify the following : 🤔
    > Which timeframes ATR data will I use to mark Stop-Loss in intraday trading ?
    > If in an Uptrend, prices have hit all-time high, how to mark Support-Resistance ?

    It was a pleasure watching your video with all your antics and yet learning these wonderful lessons.
    Thanks & Keep up the good work. 👍

    PS : You earned a Subscriber

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