Supply and Demand Trading Strategy **THAT WORKS**

Supply and demand trading strategy that will get you 40 pips every time you enter a trade. Trading supply and demand zones will …


  1. hie bro thank you for sharing your videos.. ive wtched many of them.. but this one you cussed fo the very fridt time,, please dont do this again you pute people off

  2. Thank you Artie for the very useful information. I notice that there are no MA's on the chart, is it that you don't need them when charting supply and demand?


  3. Hi thank you for your video, it's really clear, but could you teach to draw it for beginners so we can make the rectangle more precise, and why don't you think it can't be used for crypto?i think it really work for crypto at least in the last one month

  4. Hey Arty, wanted to thank you for such an amazing work. Your contents are wonderful. What would be your favorite strategy on trading which you often do ?

    I know you have explained many strategies which works great. However, I would like to know your preference. It would be great if you shoot your one day trading as video.. thanks a ton !!!

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