Supertrend Indicator Trading Strategy Tested 100 Times – Full Result

Here I test the popular supertrend indicator 100 times with a very simple trading strategy to see if it is profitable or not. The test is …


  1. if you use a fibo to trade the pullback right after the signal you will get a nice tight stop and it keeps you out of losing range trades when price breaks the 100 line i suspect it will have a much better score

  2. your gain was 20+% on under 4 months isnt it safe to say that if you average all these 100 time tests to a period like say a year then the gain on the supertrend would be more than ichimoku that took 19 months to give a 50% gain? or is my logic failing me

  3. what was your atr period and multiplier? it changes dirastacly with time periods and multipliers. Good video, Great indicator. EDIT: Should have waited till the end before typing! still great effort for the video

  4. A few Tweaks
    1. Treat the SuperTrend as what it is – an indication of short term trend – the entry signal is a bonus.
    2. Its good at showing change in direction, if this is a Sell above the MA200 (or opposite) – wait until crosses MA200 and enter.
    3. As it is picks up reversals, often get good R:R – keep it running to level of support of Price Action to get out – can often do much better than 1:1.5 or 1:2
    4. When showing trending and you have missed the original signal, wait for a pull back (however you identify those – personally KC, Stoch RSI and price action)
    5. Increase the ATR multiplier – I find 3.5 on a 5 min chart stops a lot of quick changes – experiment yourself
    6. SL at ATR x2 rather than the SL drawn on the chart
    7. For some reason, Price often reverses for 2-4 candles after the Buy/Sell signal. Wait for a better entry, again you need to test this as there are times it moves away quickly in same direction so its a matter of choice.

  5. This seems like an inaccurate way to test this. The supertrend indicator seems like it operates totally differently when in the live trading view.

  6. I admire his style of work because i have traded with him twice and i didn't lose, beware of scammers they are everywhere. but Mr. Philip Mason more reliable and trustworthy.

  7. I’ve tried this on quite a few time frames and currencies now and found 30min chart with EURUSD and AUDUSD has produced the most winners for me. 15 is good but I find it tends to hit the stop loss only to go back in the desired direction quite a lot. This doesn’t seem to happen as much with 30mins

  8. Thanks for testing this strategy, I like the video! However let me just ask – Is such a backtest really accurate? Because in reality you won't enter a trade right on the opening of a "buy" candle, because you don't know it will be a "buy" candle until the candle has fully closed, right? So you would enter on the NEXT candle, and wouldn't make this the backtest obsolete? Thanks again, I'm interested in your thoughts!

  9. Why would you want to use a trend indicator as an indicator for entry in a ranging or choppy market? Especially in choppy volatile markets and usually big wicks it’s almost impossible to find a good stoploss setting. Is just throwing money away. I tried with a demo account.

  10. Been testing the non-repainting super trend(back and forward) for bit , you definitely don’t want to use as all in one indicator. You will get stomped out in the ranging market. But as a multi time frame base line it works great. Also if not using multi time strategy you need a really good volume indicator. It works well on a high time frame when you scalp the lower time frames

  11. After a lot of 100 trades videos what about make a just random strategy? Like one buy one sell, all with 1:2 r/r? Im almost sure its will result same
    Sorry my english, im totally drunk

  12. Good video though I didn't expect the results to be that good either.. Might need further testing, but you mentioned some SL being crazy big like more than 3 times atr, which I guess could act as a filter as well.. Usually I don't go over 2xATR for a SL or the tp is stupidly far and if it gets hit it has more to do with dumb luck than actual strategy.
    So yeah worth looking into, thanks again 👌

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