SUPER EASY 1 Minute Scalping Strategy for Crypto Forex (High Win Rate Scalping Trading Strategy)

A super easy 1 minute scalping strategy for Crypto and Forex is explained in this video, which is a high win rate scalping trading …


  1. Thanks for this. Please can you tell me any brokers that will enable me to scalp crypto without massive spreads i see on other brokers, making it not viable for me to do it. Thanks.

  2. Hello Sir. During this video, you stress the importance of entering the trade as close as possible to the very second that the candle opens, according to the parabolic SAR signal we see at the opening of the candle.. I'm surprised that you don't mention the fact that the signal can actually change during the formation candle or at the close of the candle.

    In trading view, I have seen lots of candles that start with a parabolic SAR stop and reverse signal that indicates a continuation of the short-term trend, but then it changes to an opposite signal during the candle formation, or maybe two seconds before the candle closes.

    I'm certain that you must be aware of this situation. Are you advising that even though this possibility exists, the reward of getting in at the beginning of a "permanent" signal outweighs the risk that the signal might change before the candle closes? Thanks very much.

  3. Your content is simply amazing sir, couldn't thank you enough for sharing these highly accurate strategies for free, love and respect from a humble lower middle class citizen of third world country (India).

  4. Hallo Soheil ..Can you explain how and when banks are trading forex …! Beacause as you know , they win when we lose, and this has a big influence on the market behavior ..thank you and all the best

  5. Hello Soheil
    Thanks for the Amazing content. Had a Question. Can this strategy be applied to 5 min scalping and would we change the settings for indicators or not?

  6. Hi Soheil, thanks for your great videos. I have a question. How can I use this for 5 or 15 min timeframe. can you tell me the settings please?
    Thank you very much

  7. Thank you again, just please after each stratege, say about winrate and profit percentage and some informations about other statistics such as how many are the maximum consecutive losses or wins๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

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