Stop Scalping Crypto ***I MADE $13,001 in 10 DAYS ON SHIBA***

People always want to try scalping the cryptocurrency markets to make easy money. But the best way to make money trading …


  1. Oh man, I really love your little girl, so take care of her….! Or, I will ignore "subscribe" hhhhhh I love your Chanel in (… keep going, never stop! I am 50 years ago, (just about taking care of and loving our little daughter).

  2. Great video really. Also i agree with your opinion, For the newbie if you are actually trading in the crypto space and you don't have a sound mentor. Then you are certainly going to get liquidated in 90% of your trades. Yeah that's the sad truth. For a start you need a good and experienced hand to guide you. Trust me, trading isn't difficult as we see it. With the right Signals and guide, you can earn hugely monthly.

  3. Ok man….what are you saying!?!?!?!….this a lot of nonsense!!!!, of course it doesn't works on fears levels 🙂 , and on the other side , it's works well even without Fibonacci ,buy low ,sell high …..

  4. Thank you Arty so much for this information. Can I ask: The settings for the fib here are slightly different than the Fibonacci Trading Strategy video. Is this specific for crypto or am I not seeing it right? Again, thank you for all your generous information.

  5. Well, you have to admit, it doesn't really look like this prediction was accurate. Looks like SHIB is no down to roughly -0.7 if you see the bull run as being from Oct 4th – Oct 27th. If you see it has being Oct 23-27, then we're at a full -1, right back to where it started.

  6. Thank you so much for the information, just subscribed. Been day trading crypto as a newbie and never saw the bigger picture, and tried every strategy under the sun !!! This makes so much sense. Just going to watch the Fib video. Thanks again from across the pond.
    Arty, I have one question, in the vid you say set a buy order at the .5 level if its rangeing around the 0.168, so basically sit and wait till price goes up through it. Do you wait for close of candle for the alert to trigger the buy, or do you let it buy as soon as candle breaks the 0.5 ( once per bar close or once per bar on TV ). I've always ( from other vids ) assumed bar close, but sometimes the price rockets on the one candle and you get in late on a buy close….other times price reverses down again after a once per bar. Just wondered what your thoughts are on this and any preference ?. Any input from other posters appreciated. Just to add, I have been on Day timeframe for ages, and never bothered with the lower time frames as always ( from other youtube vids ) been advised too much noise and only money can be made on day trading……….but you wait frigging ages for a change in the market or consolidation lasts for days. From your vids I have applied fibonacci and using the 15min timeframe, and no more waiting days for something to happen wether it be good or bad !!!

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