Stop Buying Cryptocurrency…

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  1. Land is the goal for me. 100% agree though, crypto is all smoke and mirrors. Its only value is what some idiot will pay for it. When BTC was 60k it’s not like people were able to sell it as they wished. It’s a made up value on a currency you can’t use. Smoke and mirrors.

    Property = Wealth

  2. Also property especially here in the uk,moves up and down like a YoYo. Honestly the prices drop quicker then a soho whores underwear. Another example: my brothers mortgage premium has increased substantially,but the price of his house is still the same if not less then it was when he first got the mortgage. Don’t really know about the USA but here in the uk especially london,it’s all gone tits up as we like to say.
    Lastly,my £150 investment in terra classic, or LUNC,pretty smart. £150 I’m not heart broken to lose,but if the price of this crypto even goes back to 50 pennies in GBP so half a British pound sterling,I’d have £609,033 or $732,154. Pretty good investment with minimal risk to my finances.

  3. Yeah who’s got the money out of us regular hardworking people to buy property like this ? And even if I had that type of money lying around I’d still invest in crypto,gold or silver 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣 I’m from the UK,London specifically.
    Go check the prices of properties in london be it commercial or residential. Astronomical. And for that astronomical amount you’ll get fuck all and plenty of it. I’ll stick with my XRP,LUNC,BTC, real gold and silver thanks bro 👍🏼 lovely story though

  4. Crypto is still better than banks, while real estate mistakes can screw you over for a life time. It’s a very competitive market not for small pocket.

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