When trading and investing, you have to start somewhere, but choosing between stocks and cryptocurrencies is largely down to you. Whether you are a …


  1. I would like to earn income over a long period of time, hence starting with the basics and gaining confidence to begin trading is what I believe I'll find in trading stocks.

  2. I can understand why a stock appreciates fundamentally aside from market exuberance because the underlying business is more profitable and grows and expands but why does bitcoin appreciate? What is the underlying value that is increasing? Until someone explains that to me I can't invest in it. It just looks like tulip mania and the greater fool theory in practise.

  3. The volatility in crypto is the best part! That’s where the money is! I looked at a stock chart one time & laughed cause in crypto we lose 3% in a day & go eat a sandwich & think nothing of it but in stocks you’d probably cry if you lost 3% in 15 minutes lol

  4. Start with crypto to get them high percentage gains. Then use them gains for etf dividend paying stocks for consistent and steady gains over time. Well of course still hold some stable and alt coins.

  5. thank you mister your explanation was very clear despite it being short i’m 17 and currently studying the stocks and cryptos really wish i had started sooner

  6. I'm a beginner and I appreciate this type of content cuz this is so concise showing more like an overview. This actually answers the question of why crypto/ stocks, what are the difference between the two. I'd love to learn this piece by piece I will not be overwhelmed. 🙂

  7. Every bitcoin investor right now is just smiling at the price of bitcoin as it held strong and indeed valuable enough to generating good ROI. More persons are gonna become millionaires and we have bitcoin thanks for that 😊

  8. The academic research suggest, that the low cost index fund while overweighting in small cap value low cost etfs, with a bit of fallen angel bonds etfs will definitely outperform, ALL cryptocurrency. I am not a financial advisers.

  9. Money Doesn't Grow On Trees. First Crypto Currencies Are Not Stable Thus Using Them As Currencies Will Not Be Possible. Once They Are Stable, They Can Be Used As A Currency But In That Case All The Hype Will End. Currency Has An Unique Feature That Is Stability. Currency Rate Doesn't Change Rapidly And That Allows Us To Buy Things. Tommorow You Buy A Product By Paying X Amount Of Bitcoin And Once You Try To Return It Due To Some Reasons, You Will not Find The Price Of That Product Same. It Has Only One Advantage Over Normal Currencies And That Is That We Can Avoid Exchanging Our Dollors While Visiting Other Countries. We Can Have A Common Currency To Buy Things. Just For This One Advantage, You Can't Consider It As An Investment. Have You Ever Heard Anyone Saying " Bro I Have Bought Dollars And Stored Them As Investment". When You Buy A Stock Of A Company – That Company Expand It Services – Sells Its Services Or Products And Give You Return On Your Investment. They Earned Selling Their Products Or Services And Then Gave You Your Share Of Profit. Tell What Services, A Crypto Currency Sells That It Should Be Considered An Investment. Its Price Is Increasing Just Because of Sentiments Of People Those Who Don't Understand Difference Between A Currency And An Investment. It Can Become A Currency But Will Never Become An Investment. Even To Become A Currency, It Has To Become Stable First.
    (Price Of Asset = Earning x Sentiments)
    Example – Tesla – It Has Earning Capability As Well As People's Sentiment That These Cars Are Good For Environment. Thus Tesla Stock Price Increases On Two Factors i.e Earning Capability And Sentiments.
    On The Other Hand, Price of Crypto Currencies Are Increasing Only Because Of People's Sentiment. Those Who Invest On The Basis Of Sentiments Are Speculators And Those Who Invest On The Basis Of Earning Capabilities Are Investors.
    Some Investors Will Earn Great Profits From Crypto Currencies By Taking Advantage Of Normal People's Sentiments. First They Are Not Investments And Second There Are More Than 10 Crypto Currencies In The Market. Finding Best One Is Not Easy. Avoid Instant Rich Schemes

  10. I been studying stocks since the beginning of 2021 and using paper trading accounts and I’ve been doing pretty good. Only problem was the market opens 6:30 to 12 Na west. I have school during those times 😩. But crypto is 24/7 so that off rip making me lean towards crypto

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