Stablecoin CRACKDOWN!! This is What The FED Says!!

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  1. Soon a new Stable coin will emerge called USDe and it sounds pretty promising. Its by Ethena Labs and They're creating derivative infrastructure to turn Ethereum into a crypto-native yield-bearing stablecoin called USDe.

  2. MMFs and SCs might be similar in many aspects, but they are different in the one aspect that's important, namely the fact, that holders of the stabile coin don't get anything of the profit the stable coin issuer generates by buying bonds. So there is no expectation of profit and therefore SCs are not a security. Why is this even a discussion?

  3. Amid the FED's report emphasizing the potential instability of stablecoins and the looming regulatory scrutiny, decentralized and scalable stablecoins like Ethena's USDe emerge as a promising solution.

  4. thank you for the video sir, I would love you to review Ascent. Ascent is a ve(3,3) decentralized exchange (DEX) and an innovative Automated Market Maker. Our mission is to establish a truly native liquidity layer within the Polygon ecosystem that emphasizes collaboration and community-driven growth. @AscentExchange.

  5. As he said in the end,you have no power against the banks you hopeless peasents lol. Fuck that. You have the power. Your dollars have the power . If you band together and use your dollars elsewhere they have no choice but to obey you,just like coca cola,bud light,etc

  6. This cyrpto stuff is eerily similar to politics and in saying thag that I mean it's coming off like a circus show πŸŽͺ. This thing seems to not be free markets as it appears and could already be infiltrated if it's ain't since it's inception .

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