Solana Price PUMPING! What Crypto Investors Must Know Before Buying SOL

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  1. Everytime this guy talks bad about Solana I buy more on dips. It’s guys like this who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. He would of been one of the guys that shook you out if you were buying Solana from $1-$10 dollars. I would never listen to this dude.

  2. I have just started to trade SOL, i trade BTC and sometimes ETH as a hobby, but not j/k ive actually been consistantly profitable. I've been using ftx (just for SOL trading so far) b/c it makes for some better bonding with my pops (who is on the US version) whereas I'm in an international non-restricted region. i.e he isn't allowed access to margin, unlike me). I use spot btc and I can leverage up, It has been a frusterating week because even though basically my TA has been spot on, ivé had a bit of a strruggle adjusting to the new platform in executing my 1st 2 or 3 trades, mostly in relation to calculating posision size correctly, take profits, ans SL orders. Basically it sucks to make the right trade with the wrong amount. lol. Been watching Jason's crypto simp partner for years (how i found jason) & pulling a lil strat from each has been really helpful. They are two peas in a pod.

  3. So did you buy SOLANA Jason ? A few weeks ago you were waiting for it to go down to $35 – $40, before pilling in ? I don't think it will go down that much ……

  4. People call solana the ethereum killer…these are investors and speculators who just look at transaction costs and speeds. If people actually took the time to use dapps on both projects they would realise that ethereum dapps are in a different class. Solana dapps are sketchy as fk, ethereum dapps are built to the standard of 4 to 5* android app. Theres so much more to it than transaction speeds and costs. Of course ethereum needs to bring the gas fees downb ut i find myself using ethereum more than solana, in fact im never using solana.

  5. Great Video Jason! With the high rate of inflation, the economy is heading towards a severe recession. I overheard someone talking about how he grew his reserve from $120k to almost $260k during this Red season, can you share tips on how to make such aggressive proceeds in short periods?

  6. I’ve held gold for 15 years now, old asset class I know but if it wasn’t for the LBMA and associates, I’m sure it’s price discovery would of been more realistically managed.

    As for crypto well I feel late to the game but the ideas and tech – supply and distribution certainly make it more relevant then older asset classes.

    I wish everyone well in this space.

  7. Hey Jason, great work as always bit you gotta turn up the bullishness a bit it seems. You have been lagging a bit behind lately. All love ❤️

  8. I used to be really bullish on sol once, but now it seems to be the least effective bfx assets I have. I'm giving it a chance to show itself, so let's hope it will work better

  9. 2 months ago this guy sold solana for a low price and since then it has recovered but he is so bearish. He said solana will go bk to 30s, my ass

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