So You Want to Start a Hedge Fund? Watch This First

Sep.22 — Scott Goodwin was a credit trader. Jonathan Lewinsohn’s expertise was in research. Together, they planned for years to …


  1. These guys think they're good guys, can you believe it? Providing no value for the world at large or normal every day people. Just taking money where they can find it and gambling it for rich people.

  2. How can humans compete with computers that 'shave pennies' via high frequency trading?

    Crazy that so much $ can be made from buying and selling pieces of paper.

  3. They started in 2017 right in the middle of the longest bull market and they are "successful"? Lets see how "successful" these hedge funds will be when there is no more fed support and market goes sideways for a decade.

  4. To be successful in finance:
    Good memory – to recognise patterns
    Sell fast – don't be emotionally attached, you can always buyback
    Focus on your growth curve
    Doubt yourself
    Find mentors who you can learn from
    Being focused on where deals can be made – where can you make more money or make more savings?
    Be competitive

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