So I Did The Math… PulseX Buy and Burn 🔥 VS Pulsechain Burn! 🔥

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  1. Does anyone have the knowledge to help with this question? When the main net launch is the same amount of the tokens you get, is the amount shown in the sacrifice checker? Even if it doesn’t match the one in you wallet now?

  2. Doesn’t the London Fork make the Pls burn like 2x as much as 25%? Still tiny vs plsX —-if plsX is busy ——and in all of this remember Fed is engineering a market crash the likes of which we haven’t seen in a long time – RH said – Btc to 11k – believe it

  3. A bear market is definitely coming – a 2018/2019 style bear market – what type of exchange volume would we have if we get a long bear market – fed must do something serious about inflation- they always raise until something breaks – so we don’t know since dex didn’t really exist in the last serious bear

  4. Hey K4K so love you knowledge and understanding of Pulsechan & PulseX. Can i please ask a reqest for a video from you that i am sure heaps of others would benefit bigtime from.. a couple of my friends asked me and i really had no idea… Say use an example, if you sac'd and had 10mil Pulsechain or & and 10mil PulseX what is the safest way..(presume staking both)and what could the potential retuns look like per month per year doing this strategy.. i get this would be based on the incentive price or the Prt price and the price of both Pulse & Pulse X.. but if you are able to please give us a high level of wht we may be able to earn each month…ie could we possibly replace our wage if we owned 10mil of either of these by staking it? Would so appreciate this form of video ..thanks K4K title Passive income to resign from the 9-5 grind with PLS & PLSX bring it on!

  5. Great video K4K. We've already seen a good amount of volume on the test-net where over 12 billion PLSX has been burned already. However, the price of PLSX has not gone up. In fact, it's near all time lows. Do you have an explanation to this?

  6. 60-70% of all PulseX buyers did this to get Pulse in first place since they missed it 😆 So thats enough for me to see were the buy pressure will be in first weeks…..

  7. Great video as always. Excellent work.
    My questions are about utility vs burning and how they correlate to price performance.

    1. If you had to rate one above the other, which impacts price more?
    2. Which token has more known utility in your opinion?


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