“Smart Money Liquidity” Trading Strategy Exposed | The Inside Bar False Breakout "Retail TRAP"

Discover a smart money trading strategy, used by banks to trap retail traders, using the inside bar false breakout pattern. In this …


  1. how to distinguish the mother candle that broke through support in the inside bar formation which is likely to continue its decline compared to selling climax?? because the mother candle at the beginning of the two is very similar

  2. This may be your best video (as far as I can judge, you have so many and they are all such high quality content) yet in terms of understanding price action and smart money manipulation. I wonder how does the OUTSIDE BAR fit into all of this.

  3. Love from India 🇮🇳 your each video is very precious. It's help soo much for trading NIFTY and BANKNIFTY. I watch your video 2-3 times. God bless you brother 🙏

  4. Your videos are really appreciative. I watched your all videos and modify some of them as per Indian market movement. May I know which software you are using to prepare your presentation ? Because, ‘m making presentation in ppt only. But, it’s not so attractive.

  5. No Jargon…This is best Channel to deliver a knowledge worth millions really greatful to you and your honesty for bringing this to retail traders for.. free Thank you once again…

  6. Great great information. Learned a ton and made it super simple! Good Ish!
    Question: what time frames do you start with or mainly use for swing trading? I use IB a lot off the weekly.

  7. Your channel is awesome and I watch every video 2-3 times. They are relatively short but always packed with lots of good information. Thank you for teaching me so much.

  8. The presentation of your knowledge is straightforward, concise and meaningful. I have spent thousands in other trading schools, "academies" and trade rooms and not learned what you are presenting about supply and demand. I am binging on your "How to Trade Like Banks" playlist. From drawing S/D zones to inside bars I feel like I am getting a first class presentation without any fluff or puffery or bragging. Thank you for your honesty, wisdom and willingness to share it in this forum. I like your style.

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