Smart Money Concepts: Best Scalping Trading Strategy That 100% Works

Lux algo just released a new Tradingview script called Smart Money Concept. This concept is a fairly new yet widely used …


  1. During a bear market, the headlines will focus on negative news, whether it's declining economic growth, geopolitical upheaval, cultural and legal turmoil, or some combination of all three. I listened to a podcast of someone that grew his reserve from $120k to almost $460k during this Red season, can you share tips on how to make such aggressive proceeds in short periods

  2. I don't wanna poop on your video but you're misleading people and you didn't do your research.
    First of all, there's no 95% win rate strategy. If there was, anybody with eyes would be rich.

    You said Equal Highs and Lows gives you the range.. it indicates areas of liquidity pools. You want to have liquidity near your order blocks to add confluence to your trade.

    What you're calling Fair Value Gaps are the Order Blocks .. zones of support and resistance. This is where big money enters and exits. Where they have open orders yet to be filled.

    How can you make a video on an indicator and not even know what one of the MAIN parts of it is ??

    The Order Blocks (what you call incorrectly fair value gaps) are created when price either makes Change of Character (ChoCh) or a Break of Structure (BOS). Notice that all the Order Blocks are printed at the base of the impulse move that breaks previous lows or highs..

    Stop misleading people. It's just wrong. A lot of people don't know better. And if you're going to make videos and pretend to be an expert the least you can do is read and understand what you're talking about.

  3. Are you looking at FVG or OB's? You should show your settings for the Smart Money Concepts indicator as by default, FVG is not selected and thus doesn't make sense what you are saying and doing.

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