SMALL CAP stocks which could become LARGE CAP | Fundamental Analysis | Akshat Shrivastava

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  1. Hi Akshat , Apologies – Where are you running this query ? What exactly do you mean by creating screen and where do you create this screen pls ? Sorry , didnt understand , wasnt clear . Could you please help clarify ?

  2. Dear Akshat your analysis is nice and your expression is humorous. But I would request you to please identify some good stocks in the range of 100-800 so that one can accumulate it in big quantity. Good stocks with high price could not be accumulated in large quantities for small investors like me who have a bunch of other responsibilities. Your efforts will be a boon for middle income group like me.

  3. Sir kindly review this
    sip-invested 3 months back
    1. Quant active fund direct – 2500
    2.Navi Nifty next 50- 2000
    3.Navi nifty 50 – 1500
    4.GPF- 7000
    Planning to add 2 more funds in mid & small cap
    in mid cap i sorted 6 funds ie Motilal Oswal mid cap ,Hdfc midcap, mahindra manulife mid,edelwess midcap, kotak emerrging mid and nippon mid . But confused which is best for long term ,even hdfc aum is very large.
    And in small cap I don’t know
    So kindly suggest.
    I want to invest for next 15-20 yrs with 5-10% step up ,nd want to make corpus of 3-5cr , current age 28

  4. Hi, Can you emphasize as to how did you determine SMCI as a stock that will do better? There are plenty of US stocks, then why SMCI? Also SMCI chart doesnt show a consolidation for the last 1-1.5 years. It shows its consolidating since June 2023. Having said that doesn't it make sense to wait before adding SMCI?

    Im an investor in US stocks and quite confident in Disney as a stock. Its a good potential turnaround story I feel. Can you share your thoughts on it?

  5. usa used to be an oil importing country some 10Years back. Today it is the top oil producing country in the World. India has also a very large land mass. It is impossible that we have so little areas having oil reserves. Is it possible that we have been led to believe that we will remain permanently oil poor. Should we not intensify our search for oil all around India?

  6. Thank you Akshat for providing such insightful informative videos .Definitely helps for small time investors like us . This video was really great one to start with screening the multibaggers

  7. Inka dewa hua ak vi stock nahi chala avi tak

    Amrutanjan helth
    Delta crop
    Ttk prestige
    Sbi card and payments
    Hdfc bank
    Hut market is on all time high

    This guy is tottaly wrπŸ˜…ng

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