Simple Trading Strategy With 1 Indicator – best tradingview indicator on 1h Chart

in this video we made a live trading in real market )) Our Free Telegram Channel : Get valuable prizes, …


  1. YO! WHO TF ARE YOU? IVE BEEN WATCHING FOR MAYBE TWO DAYS AND I BARELY TRADE WITH INDICATORS. Why is because I just haven't been able to profit as well with my choice of them I guess. But I tried a mixture yesterday and today of some I saw you use and…YO! LIKE I MADE 3748 ON A F…… MONDAY! If you ever open a online school or some ish I'm definitely sitting at the front of the class. I told myself I'd set a goal of 60k for 2022 but now…more like 160k lol. Really reliable channel guys there's one other to add to this channel but I don't get paid to promote plus its disrespectful. Great freaking stuff man. Be blessed! Cause God sent you to me after struggling the past two yrs with keeping a job and learning to trade to become a professional. This is my journey and I will give credit to you if anyone ever asks how I obtain such a high level of success. Plz keep up the blessings.

  2. I wish there was something else I could do to thank you, I have subscribed to your YouTube and telegram channels, I still feel like it's not enough because the great job you keep doing, thank you very much buddy. God bless you.

  3. Hi, thanks for the video, I've tried the 21MA13 settled to 84 52 and found it better to reduce the noise but not yet perfect to filter engulfing candles, aslo added HMA50 to locate the buy or sell position. Still searching another indicator to improve the winrate, any suggestion ?

  4. Another great strategy, I’m now torn between this one and your MACD heatmap/4C strategy which is also great. I may try incorporating this indicator with the MACD strategy

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