SIMPLE scalping strategy using only 50 EMA & 200 EMA for Day trading Bitcoin, Forex, Stocks

Simple 5 min scalping EMA Trading Strategy testing 100 times for Bitcoin day trading. Can be applied to Stock Trading, Forex …


  1. This strategy works on every market, make sure to backtest it for your style of trading. If you want to see some specific strategy, let me know in the comments. Happy trading!

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  2. I've been testing this in a paper-trading account and thus far I like it. Question though, are you looking at the 1-hour chart or higher before you go down to the 5-minute chart and look for trades? I'm just wondering if this strategy works best if the 1-hour and the 5-minute charts agree on the trend. So, if the 1-hour shows a bullish trend for long trades and the 5-minute also shows bullish trend for longs, then you'll win more trades. I'm trying it both ways but don't have enough trades in yet to determine best method.

    Can you expand upon this a bit more?

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