SIMPLE Price Action Trading Strategy For All Markets – The Professional Approach

TTC Forex University Details – Using Price Action to trade in any market is what I have …


  1. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT PSA: There are a number of accounts using our name and profile picture to pretend to be me and steal money from viewers. 1 – I do not have a Telegram, Whatsapp, or Discord account. 2 – I will NEVER ask you for money. 3 – I will NEVER ask for money/cryptocurrency and say I will trade for you. 4 – I will NEVER ask you for a payment in any cryptocurrency. 5 – DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH THESE ACCOUNTS. They are pretending to be me and trying to steal your money. I currently have two full-time employees that delete these comments daily. But, some still get through. So, please be extremely careful and never give someone cryptocurrency or money that is pretending to be me. AGAIN, I DO NOT HAVE A TELEGRAM, WHATSAPP, OR DISCORD ACCOUNT, I WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR MONEY OR TRADE FOR YOU, I WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR A PAYMENT IN CRYPTO. DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH THESE ACCOUNTS. Also, there are a lot of people pretending to be me on IG. The only business IG that is actually me is @thetradingchannel and my personal is @stevenkiethhart. Anything other than those exact two are people pretending to be me to steal your money. Be careful out there!

  2. Great video! I buy stocks hoping for an earnings pop and sell it the next day at the open. So I need to buy the stock at the lowest price possible on that day as every percent matters with this strategy.

    In your opinion, what technichal indicator, strategy or knowledge works best to increase the odds of knowing that I buy the stock at the lowest price possible on that day just before earnings?

    Thank you so much! Really appreciate it.

  3. Hey bro, thanks for the effort and time you put in for these videos
    I started trading 2month ago with $100, at first i doubled my money in like 3 days and lost it all on the 4th day, from then i earned $2500 but yet again i lost it all. I know my problem was risk management because my analysis were right. But it has been like a traumatic event for me, i no more have the confidence to deal with the chart and i get super anxious when i see my trades go red, any tips for me?

  4. I enjoy all your videos and free advice! I personally journal my trades every day and like losses personally so i can go back and look at what i did and improve on my mistakes! That is how i look at it and its helped me realize the simple mistakes i make and maybe my advice can help someone else out. Thanks for all your great videos!!!!

  5. Hey Steven, thanks for the good video. Have you ever concerned about making an Twitter Account or post more on Instagram? I would love to see more of your life and your daily thoughts and habits.

  6. Hi Steven, can you please explain a bit more in detail how you decide for a level? Do you have rules for this? I am trying to do this for some other pairs and actually I got some doubts. Thanks!

  7. Nice video again! I'm wondering though how far you can go back to spot support/resistance. Is there a point the data stops being relevant for today's price action ?

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