Simple Money Flow Index MFI Day Trading Strategy Tested 100 Times (5 minute chart) – Full Results

Here I test the profitable Money Flow Index indicator trading strategy 100 times to show the real results. I test on the 5 minute charts of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and …


  1. @Trade Pro, i just realised something,all of your videos are invalid because you arent using the 1% risk you use to calculate,you put your stop loss at previous HIGHS AND LOWS instead of 1 percent,rendering all your calculations INVALID

  2. How do I setup or use a MFI?

    I mean is there software that I can buy thats plugged into market data that does it, does it require i set filters or fill out fields to make it work?

    What do you mean by sharpening it?

  3. Hi 👋 nice video.
    Let me ask you one question. While trading on 5min or 15min or whatever TFrame is, should I consider higher timeframe also??? Don't I need higher timeframe for major trend direction so that I can trade accordingly on lower timeframe???

    Please clear this confusion. Thank you

  4. Two other thoughts, it be interesting to test it as a zero line Cross instead of the overbought over sold levels as well as incorporating a two or three times ATR stop loss to remove any subjectivity

  5. hi, mate. thanks for the new video. as soon as i check this video and went to check this on the real chart. i see this one cant touch oversell zone above the 200EMA but when its below the 200EMA, there are many trading signals. so what is your suggest in this senario? only do the short trade or its acceptable that enter LONG the trade near the oversold MFI say (25) and above the 200 EMA?

  6. Winner Winner – Chicken Dinner! I had a feeling that one was going to be a good one. Thanks for doing this again. As we used to say in the 90's — "You da man!"

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