Simple 50 EMA + 200 EMA Trading Strategy tested 100 Times – Full Results

Here is the 1 minute timeframe trading strategy that seemed promising in yesterdays video tested 100 times. Obviously 14 tests …


  1. 50 EMA pull backs can work well so its an alright concept to work with and can certainly be optimized. For this being on such a low timeframe a higher timeframe trend confirmation would help a lot. The other improvements are talked about in the results section of the video! Thanks for watching!

  2. Lower time frames have too much noise so using the 50 and 200 on this time frame is not ideal. Use the 1H for analysis and the 15 for entry. It checks out over 90% of the time on higher time frames.

  3. Perhaps use a mirror image entry as a take profit then flip position to the other side. This will maximize the potential gain ( derisk initial position size at the 1.5RR mark, then let the rest ride )

  4. On some of these scalping videos such as the Williams fractal+ema strategy.. could you do a backtest where you move stops to BE and let them run then enter every signal.. and see how THAT does..

    I think that will be the number 1 on the spread sheet.. 70%+ gains ..

    Can you do it on a slower moving pair like EU

    Thanks for your time and consideration

  5. Nice I have a strategy similar to this one, am currently forward testing it. But does anyone recommend indicators to go with it? My entry is using candlesticks

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