Sidee u billaabi kartaa Cryptocurrency 2024 (FULL BEGINNERS GUIDE)

Waxaan ka hadalnaa sida lacag looga sameeyo Internet-ka, hadii aad xiiseeneyso soo dhawow. ✓Subscribe Notication-ka …


  1. Waa mahadsantay wll xog badan waad naga siisay lkn waxbadan baan weli ku wreersanahay sida Binance ga loo adeegsado si ka ballaaran haddi aad nogu soo sharaxdid waan kaaga mahad celin lahaa ama course free ah oo kooban naga siin lahayd

  2. This year everyone gonna be big ballers with AMZ200T never has a company brought that up before and this will be the perfect bridge to the casuals as well

  3. Interesting talk about AMZ200T I suggest anyone to listen to the guy talking about it in the video. Personally I didnt think they would really do that but seems like the launch just happened and there are enough slots available, could be worth huh

  4. After all the rumors AMZ200T is in 2024 on the first stage and there won't ever be an entry like that one I am seriously amazed by their vision and forward movement

  5. What a statement, damn. So its said that AMZ200T is just about to launch and I think that will really change a lot of what was happening in the previous years, 2024 will shine yay

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