Shrimpy Social Trading Platform: 3 Ways To Automate Your Crypto Trading With Shrimpy

Sign Up for Shrimpy here: – In this video, I show you 3 ways to automate your crypto trading with Shrimpy.


  1. I would love a set up strategy on how to set up the automation to only make profit and immediately cut on stop loss. Because shrimpy seems to suck on doing fast market trades. They always fail. Only a nice steady strategy works to make 10 to 20 percent a day. But we all know some days on crypto any company can easily jump to 200 percent but shrimpy didn’t get in on that action because everytime it made any trades they never performed and cancel out because of the time frame. Only if shrimpy could run with a quantum computer.

  2. Hi Joao. Thanks for your insight. So I'm curious would you consider Social Copy Trading a good entry point into hands off crypto investing? My focus in on stocks so I really have little time to focus on crypto but I'm excited with the potential upside of the industry / ecosystem.

  3. Amazing video! We appreciate the great support. Our team is working hard to launch countless new features, so we can't wait to hear everyone's feedback!

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