Should You Trade Crypto Full-Time? Advice From Pro Trader

This video is for new traders who are thinking about going full-time. Doesn’t matter if you’re trading crypto, stocks, or forex… the …


  1. Love your style Mayne. Been more of an investor since I got into crypto in 2017. I trade too but trading acct is smaller than investment acct. Sometimes its just difficult to be active but you only really need to make a few trades per month (this works best for me anyway). I agree tho it is a big thing to quit job and do it full time. Atm I make a bit of extra money and really need to track it all over a 6m period to see where I am. For a while I got stuck in the trap of entering a "trade" and then changing it to an "investment".

  2. How do you deal with loneliness when sitting at the computer for long amounts of time? I find this is one of the harder parts of trading only

  3. I really appreciated that Mayne, I totally agree. So refreshing to see an active 4:16 😅😅 trader like yourself give it to people for real.
    I’ve been here since 2016, stil not sold

  4. this is a bad take (comming from a huge fan btw) , number 1-the chances of buying from 3k and holding to 60k is extreamly rare and i doubt alot of people manged to do that , numbe 2-most people who learn to trade learn so they can do it full-time and not rely on a 9-5 (including yourself) no one is going to put the time and effort to learn the most profitabe skill known to man to just end up trading on the side , number 3- quitting your job is not the end of the world you can find another job to pay your bills if u run out of money (people lose their jobs all the time) i think you should quit if your profitable + have 1 year of income , and have a 6 months worth of expenses as a buffer if your not making money trading ie start looking for a job if you have only 6months of expenses left

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