Should you invest in cryptocurrency?

Here’s how to think about cryptocurrency’s place in your investing strategy. Welcome to CALL THEM ON THEIR BULL a new …


  1. Amanda can we talk about owning individual stocks vs mutual funds? I understand the core difference but I recently discovered that when you invest in mutual funds you don’t actually OWN anything. You’re just putting your money into a basket with thousands of other people, and the person who oversees those funds then distribute the dividends and returns amongst all those people vs when you own a stock, yes it is more risk but you’re taking 100% of those returns and dividends. My actual question here is, is it okay to have two accounts open, one for mutual funds, stocks, etc and another to buy a few shares of companies such as apple?

  2. Great video! Thanks so much for the helpful info. Do you know of any good resources for researching or understanding the environmental impact of different crypto investing options?

  3. Thank you for touching the topic of environmental cost and your own feelings about it! Youre one of the few financial educators who even bring up the ethics of investing – something we desperately need more discussions around!

  4. It’s such a tricky place right now. It’s the absolute Wild West in crypto. I’ve got about 15% of my portfolio in crypto, but diversified across a few different tokens… and it’s completely because of FOMO…

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