Should I Buy Bitcoin? Or Should I Buy Altcoins? [Cryptocurrency Strategy]

What is going to get YOU the biggest gain? Bitcoin or Altcoins? Alright Altcoin Daily Team! Let’s talk about it. Like the video.


  1. im with ya on btc.. God knows.. been in this game for 10+ years.. bitcoin as a store of value.. 100%. but bticoin transacts way too slow to do anything more..

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  3. What if 21.000.000 People own each one BTC? After all is mined. It's not unlikely that it will be in the hands of a few on globale base. How easy will it be to trade BTC then? Or to use it for payment. Will it be a luxury?

  4. That's easy, with all due respect! You are behind the times of crypto savvy, jump on to "TBC" THE BILLION COIN it is an abundant coin unlike all the rest,never goes down, as members of the community join the currency increases

  5. You make a lot of good points but at the same time, I don't agree. Bitcoin outperforms in bear markets and underperforms in bull markets. If Bitcoin were to double by the end of the year those literally shitcoins with no use will do a 4x or more. So the question is, if you think we are heading lower why would you hold Bitcoin and not just have cash? If you think we are heading higher why would you hold Bitcoin and not buy a bunch of different types of shitcoins. In 2017 from trough to peak Bitcoin got about a 19x gain and I am just going to randomly check some shit coins. Dogecoin had an 84x, Monacoin had a 805x, Reddcoin had a 1438x

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