SHIB/CRYPTOCURRENCY Trading Analysis Update: 4-11-2021. Video 605

This Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bybit and Binance. Tackling questions …


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  2. Yes Shiba has no reason to survive coins having 100 times greater use case & reasons for growth & and survival are dying away due tough technology competition. Shib is only a minor hype.

  3. That was one of the best videos I have watched. Your eye for analysis is impressive. I been trying to understand fib from a few different people I didn't quite understand one guy had us looking for resistance and support levels and the fib does that for us. I also was just wondering how low it might fall to buy in you covered that too. I respect the hard truth if u don't like what I'm gonna say to fucken bad lol. I saved that video ill be looking at it again. And check out other stuff you have made.

  4. I appreciate your approach to teaching. I've been quite unsure about investing in the current market and at the same time I feel it's the best time to get started on the market, heard some guy speaking of making over $300k from a $180k capital since the pandemic and I'm driven to ask what skillset and strategy can generate such profit.

  5. Of course it will drop and retrace like anything else. It’s. 30B market cap so it’s not going to fall off the cliff. Should have loaded up at.45 as it’s up 25% and still rising. I don’t understand the celebration of the drop. If you bought at .000008 when it first was listed you would have 10x your money sold, bought back in at .000045 as it’s approaching.00006 again. Lots of buying and selling opportunities here.

  6. Please people. Do some research. He is so far stuck up his own ass pulling his ears would literally rip off. Still love him as a person. Just bad advice. He has no idea ladies and gents. He is literally just reading old charts. He has no insight until he reads it. You have to know what is going on before the papers and articles. If you see it on youtube. You are behind. Hit me back and I'LL show you where to get real info. Info we whales use. I even hate that word. I would rather say. We smart investors use. Do not gamble and listen to people like this

  7. You are really uninformed. Do you even know what projects are already happening. Oh wait. You must be on the outside looking in. Do you realize you are just like the Bitcoin nay ayers back in the day. We are following the path of bitcoin exactly. Look how long it took doge to get under shiba's rear end. Learn all you can before you say these smegmatic words.

  8. This is the beginning of shiba. AMC, Shibarium with its own blockchain, more exchanges listing it, the SHIb army forgave the owner from his statement saying it wasn’t him with the total circulating supply. As times goes by coins will be burned.

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