SHIB/CRYPTOCURRENCY Trading Analysis Update: 28-10-2021. Video 600

Shiba Inu Coin has pumped very high but will SHIB coin crash today? This Shiba Inu coin price analysis covers predictions for …


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  2. I totally did what you said not to do. I was supposed to buy and keep ADA. I sold ADA at 1.97 it and got SHIBA at 0.0000055
    Now ADA is pumping, with no skin in the game. And Shib is falling.
    So I missed both pumps. I feel furious at myself. It was a good learning experience. Greed made me feel disgusting.

  3. I sold now my shiba because the price ups and down. If you want to be rich, the next BTC is Binance. I Hold Binance after shiba inu. Look at now the price of Binance in the crypto market, it is to fast because so many holders in Binance.

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  5. There are only 900,000 holders. Another 1 Million comes in. With minimum 100 dollar each.. it adds another 10 b usd of market cap. It will pump the price.

  6. Guys, he is doing this to get more attention. And he wants us to comment as we are doing. He is laughing all the way to the bank. But so are we bc we are making money with SHIB. BTC is pure speculation yet it has reached an ATH. You call SHIB a SH . . . T coin while we call it a HIT coin! πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

  7. Even Bitcoin crashes more than 50% and very slowly recovers. That is always what a party latecomer says so that he contributes to the dip and get a better price for his entry.

  8. Ofc to be considered however from your point is everything is bad u less you started it from scratch. Either way it’s opinion on both side.

  9. Look at the 410 idiots that disliked this video. If you already cashed out, you proved his point. If you haven't cashed in your winnings, you're going to be crying into your pillow in a few days.

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