Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary discusses crypto investing and his partnership with FTX

Inestor and FTX Ambassador Kevin O’Leary joins Yahoo Finance with FTX.US President Brett Harrison to discuss the growth of …


  1. No matter how rich people become, they can still be duped into the “Get Rich Quick” scams. Sorry Kevin, you, along with hundreds of thousands of others got what you had coming. In the end Greed wins, and fools are parted from their money. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum down over 66%. Sounds like a solid investment to me….Not! Don’t buy something that does not actually exist, and has zero intrinsic value, it is just Fools Gold.

  2. Lol! Mr Wonderful just calling it as he sees it , SBF and him are compliant and nothing you are hearing is a Ponzi scheme or a crime , in fact he doesn’t even want dollars , he wants SBF , DNC bucks from A guy that drives a CARROLLA he stole from a Lyft driver one Saturday night . Man , Mr Wonderfuls mouth looks so HOT, put that western sizzler of a feed receptacle on the street corner , I’d buy that for a dollar !

  3. It’s only fitting Kevin O’Leary was the spokesperson for the biggest fraud in financial history. The man has no soul and would screw over his own mother if it meant he could make an extra buck

  4. He sure got conned by the little boy fried. What kind of name is that?. That guy looked so shady and ridiculous I would not have gotten within a mile of him. Well Kevin he gambled with your investment and flew on a jet. You said you did your home work maybe not?

  5. They didn't want a war with regulators but they started one anyway! People are dumb who fall for these guys BS —listen to the old guard!! Buffett, but even then, not 100% because even he's human and can be wrong. But he's not a scam artist and a blow hard like O'Leary and his cronies.

  6. Kevin wanted in early on crypto, anticipating that regulations would soon come into play such that institutional investors would thereafter invest in crypto thereby locking in a sure early investment. He timed it a bit too early and made a bet on the wrong horse. SBF's FTX meltdown however may be the nugget Kevin needs to champion for regulation in the crypto markets, that is if the whole crypto market is not in fact not a huge ponzi scheme and regulators are able to get regulations in place.

  7. You know the problem is I follow better security practices, because I am highly intelligent. If Kevin O'Leary had me on his team for security I would have advised him against keeping anything on FTX. And he would probably still have his assets minus wounderfi although concerning that I would have had most of the liquidity existing on a decentralized platform that was less likely to have a problem. This stuff really isn't that hard I take security of the most importance. If you'd ever like a better security advisor Kevin O'Leary please leave a comment on my channel directly with some contact information and we could at least chat.

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