SEO in 2023: My NEW Strategy for Google Traffic!

Are you wondering what SEO strategy you should implement in 2023? In this video, you’ll get a step-by-step guide on methods to …


  1. Hello Matt I’m taking a different approach in affiliate marketing as I think it would be a lot better for smtp, I haven’t seen many other people doing it but I think it would work great. The idea is to instead of promoting a single product in a niche promote a catalog of different services so maybe 5 different web hosts each differing from each other allowing the user to choose, I think this helps with seo because that’s what people search for the best web hosts or the best place to start a website or blog as opposed to just promoting a single service promoting just the name of the service which I don’t think works as well in seo on top of that I’m able to put a lot more back links promoting many services. Web hosts would only be a page from the website I promote and the website can be broad so digital products while each page can be a catalog of other services like auto responders etc. which can each work as upsells to the buyer if they decide to buy another service, do you understand this strategy I think it’s genius but I don’t see anyone else doing it so I don’t know if it works or not and it’s a lot of work upfront to create the website so I don’t want to waste my time.

  2. Question… Is it bad to only build links to the money site and neglect the the home page (brand)? This is a new website and so far haven't build any links to home page.

  3. NO!!! write for what user needs, not for search engine!!!!

    This is 2023, quote from Neil Patel: if anyone tells you he can help you rank No.1 on Google, you better RUN!

    Write for user is you have to fully understand what user really needs when he type in the “keywords”.

    Always write for user, not Google

  4. Success is growing, once you stop growing you are not counted as successful person. it is just my humble opinion. By the way I enjoyed watching your videos, a fellow creator.====

  5. You said don't start your article explaining 'what the metaverse is' but then at 3:29 the top result for 'does the metaverse exist yet' is titled 'what is the metaverse' lol

  6. Many people are saying that, in the future, Google search will no longer serve 10 clickable links but give AI generated answers instead.

    Bing is apparently doing this quite soon to try to compete with Google.

    This would be the end of us bloggers, no????

    My blog is earning 5 figures per month (SEO traffic only) but it’s my ONLY source of income.

    I’m super worried that I’ll be jobless within 3-5 years???!!!

    Thoughts on this???

  7. Hi, question bout HARO. Are you doing a specific niche, like foods, supplements etc? Since I find HARO being 70% bout health (both mental and physical) and so little bout sports (been with HARO for over a half year now). And it seems too hard to get a link. Can you offer some alternatives?

  8. My content gets indexed but for some reason, google keeps ranking the homepage for every keyword instead of the post. Using MH free theme. basically, I mean to say it shows the wrong post titles in Serps. Picks up keywords from the homepage and shows in SERPs with homepage title. It is set to the Latest posts instead of static. I hope you will give me some valuable advice!

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