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SELLING!…Some | Stocks Crypto! ✓ MUST HAVE! ✓ Learn More..Earn More! with STOCK UP U …


  1. strange if you sold out of the miners then you dont think bitcoin will go up to the bitcoin halving, cause when bitcoin goes up the miners goes up, and history shows bitcoin always goes up to the halving , so are you going against history

  2. I made money on crypto miners. Took profit and closed my positions still in profit. In the past, I would have just held my position and went down with the ship. I'm slowly learning a lot from you. Thank you ..

  3. When looking to DCA Closer to Support at a time like this what time frame would you say is most beneficial? I’m looking at riot entry to see where there was support before the surge and I am looking at a 3 month view With entry around $9.73. Thoughts yall?

  4. I would like to join your class . My name is Sheila . I’ve watched you for 3 years and your heart is in Christ and you have been consistent. Your heart seems to really Care about teaching . hELP think things are going to get crazy .

  5. I appreciate the knowledge and guidance that you and the squad provide. I sometimes take and look into some of the minors that you mention, but not everything. I’ve learned Patience is key in this game. Because of my job I don’t always get to get out of some of these stocks in a lot of profit, have learned to set my stop loss and wait. Sometimes that could be weeks or months before I’m in the positive again, but with patience I can make a little money. Game for me is not to get rich, but a little wealthy, more educated about how you CAN make money in the market, and improve my financial literacy. I started this journey in 2020/2021 and have learned more than I ever knew. Haven’t mastered options yet, but my long term investing is growing YOY.
    Keep feeding Larry, there are a lot of people starving for it! Thanks!

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