SEC Approving Ethereum Futures ETF Soon 🔥 Ethereum + Solana Update

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is reportedly poised to greenlight a series of applications for Ether …


  1. We have yet to see any Chainlink adoption equate to higher Link value. Where’s it at? If everyone and their mother is using Chainlink then where’s the USD value for Chainlink? It doesn’t exist, apparently. I own Link. It looks amazing, sounds amazing. But it doesn’t deliver value to the token itself. Why would that change in the future?

  2. once a layer one has gone up by a lot, they don't really do well in the next cycle. a layer one only goes up by a lot once except if it's eth. everything else don't work liket hat.

  3. IMHO the U.S has one of the best form of gov.. Compared to Russia and China, N. K. etc.. But it comes to a point where U. S gov. is so corrupt that it pushes many countries away from them. And now we all can see what the SEC is doing, but the gov. is doing nothing to stop the madness of gensler. If the U. S suffers because of these, they absolutely deserve it.

  4. I like the project interview vids……all your content is great though! Would love to see more influencers do more in depth discussions of security and different kinds of hacks that often occur in crypto.

  5. To me, it’s pretty simple. Everything you can do on Eth, you can do on Sol. Things that you can do on Sol, you can’t do on Eth…I believe in a future where two main L1’s dominant this space. IMO, it’ll be Eth and Sol, with Solana becoming the premier chain for everyday use. Eth will be the settlement L1 for high value txs

  6. It wouldn't surprise me that Gensler's SEC would give the green light to one of the most corrupt corporate-manipulated cryptos in this space, ETH.

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