Scalping Strategy That Made me $1200 in 120 mins – Live Scalping

In this video, I will show you a scalping strategy that me $1200 day trading from home. I decided to record my screen to let you …


  1. bro, if you post two videos a week, not one video, one a week is very little, but especially your strategy videos are very effective, I'm trying to read the graphics like you.
    friends, if you have the opportunity, you should definitely get the training set, you will find it very useful, this man really understands and knows new traders very well. i love you bro

  2. I’ve taken some Big Ls this week and it hurts bad, feels real bad but I’m gonna watch as much as I can and learn as much as possible.

    I believe you can live off day trading once you’ve mastered it

  3. Ben you are a real vet in this game. Too many of these young forex guys, though good, show massive profits all the time. They say it's for motivation but it is also unrealistic for the new or average trader. Ben could be making $100k trades but he doesn't show us or need to because it can also be counter productive and make new traders think they are not doing anything. If you make $300 a day in 2hrs that $150 a hr you just paid and you now made more than a doctor! Great video like always Ben!

  4. are you trading equity or options? Ive been watching a few of your US30 video and im confused. Are you trading the US30 INDEX equity or option, or are you trading the US30 company like Boeing ?

  5. Probably buy NIKE stock. They are making a new limited edition sneaker to support Ukraine. Called the "Zelenskis", for people who need to run for their lives. Should make a killing

  6. Trading is mental game, that is why most people lose money because they cannot control their emotions. Because the prevalent idea of our culture is to effortless indulge and focus on their own pleasure and wellbeing, but controlling your emotions is unpleasant and painful and that is why most traders lose money because they don't want to meet the pain. That is why there is so many drugs, alcohol, obese and fat people, broken marriages and adultery.

  7. Now are you moving these lines to show us where your stoploss is, or are you actually using a program that allows you to move a line to physically place your stop. If that’s true holy crap that’s an amazing program

  8. Yo sup Ben,

    So I bought your trading course and I haven’t even got all the way through it and I’m already seeing consistent gains. I’m trading a small account but it’s already doubled in a matter of weeks and I’m not even trading everyday. Yo da man Ben you da man.

  9. Couple of questions. Even though you ended up having winning days what were the loss amounts on the trades you loss? And do you trade everyday?

  10. Been studying the markets for over a year now , watched just about every trader and their videos 😭 .I just came across your videos a couple weeks ago and I’ve had my first ever successful weeks due to the information you been providing . Appreciate you bro

  11. I believe in becoming the best version of myself and empowering others to do the same, most traders won't bring out to the public the lost trades, but the good part only, you turned yours into a teaching headline and that's exactly what I love about my mentor , he's always on every peak of it thereby enhancing safe trading

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