Scalping 1 Minute Chart with one indicator 85% Accuracy

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  1. does this also work for short positions?

    So can I wait until green candles come into red and then the first green candle comes to go short?

  2. skipping over parts where you would get absolutely murdered, skipping the fact that brokers charge 1/1000 that's like 30 usd per bitcoin, when it is at 30,000 usd so buying at 30,000 price mark you have to beat 30,030 before profit
    pretty much impossible with this setup.

  3. Hi thanks a lot for ur video !! one of the best here on youtube! Just a quick question: can i use thisstrategie with all of stocks/index/ and forex? thanks again 🙂

  4. Be careful with this strategy as you can loose when selling if your not watching, just because the RSI crosses into the red does not mean it's an automatic sell.

  5. aby chutya tuze bat karani nahi aati sikhana nahi aata to channel khola kun band karane ..sirf recording dikha raha hain kya ghanta samajane me aata kya usame

  6. hey bro. can you please recreate this strategy and add another confluence. since this is already good but sometimes there are fake pumps and I am getting SL hit on that

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