RSI Divergence Trading Strategy

An RSI Divergence trading strategy will help you find the best possible entry for your trade when used correctly. RSI Divergence or …


  1. This is one of your best videos. You clearly point out simple way to see RSI divergence as well as looking for other key patterns such as the retest off a moving average. Have learnt a lot from you about less trades and focus on more quality trades

  2. OMG! This is the reason why I dumped using the RSI divergence though I know it's powerful. I normally got too early so I kept on losing my previous gains and then eventually blown that account Lol! Man, this strategy is one of those major ones I'd been looking for. I'll definitely apply what you're teaching in this vid. I can't thank you enough. =)

  3. I am new in trading I have got profit on all trades but ended with account wash, is this normal to loose money or my luck is not good enough

  4. I'm glad I found your channel , this few days I watched a lot of VDO. and I learn a new technique that was easy and uncomplicated. I appreciate you for sharing. and i have subscribed to your channel

  5. hello. random question. i typically place my sma at 20 or 21. i also had placed the rsi at 21 as well but i have been switched to 14. my question is, is there a correlation between the shortest sma and the rsi- to the degree where inputting the same number would create a more accurate result. or does it not really matter and im over thinking things

  6. That is huuge help. Thank you for that! But to understand more that you need to have more knowledge. It is not like I start today with trading and use this as my strategy. From december 2021 I am constantly learning about trading, making mistakes and now looks better with all knowledge connected together. And yes I can say based on Artie videos I make profit after long time. It is not huge profit, but you know that. As baby when you learn to walk, you do small steps first. Later on you run! 🙂

  7. Hello From India Sir…. Thank you very much for this easy to understand and very helpful tutorial… I always use RSI and this one filtered my doubts… appereciated.

  8. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us, this is life changing. I am in a corporate job that I am enjoying, BUT I can not always do what I want, like you say life is short. I am taking in all your advice trading Gold with success. I am looking forward to this journey. Greetings from South Africa

  9. Superb video and awesome 👍 mind-blowing teaching about one of the most COMMONLY MIS-USED INDICATOR (RSI DIVERGENCE)…..
    I have been screwed up few times due to an early entry without waiting for confluences to appear….
    Now, i am very much clear about its EXECUTION with CONFLUENCES….
    Thanks 🙏👍 a lot for such a lovely video….!

  10. Thank you so mcuh for making videos like this ive learned a lot from you since im watching your content. Please keep making content like this, there’s a lot of knowledge that I will learned from you! Thank you again!

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