RSI Divergence Trading Strategy

Being able to recognize an RSI divergence will help you get better entries in your day trading. Whether it’s Forex or crypto, an RSI …


  1. I have a question about trading view!
    You see how the candle sticks got all flat while changing time frames?
    This is constantly happening to me and I can’t figure out how to fix it! Even restarting TradingView doesn’t consistently help.. is this also an annoyance you encounter?

  2. Arty, you are the boss. Your content transformed me from a losing trader to a profitable trader. I am surprised you say that your strategy doesn't work for crypto. So I left your channel to seek out those who teach crypto trading. Then I discovered that they saying the same thing. And your teaching is better and even shorter.

    I have not seen anyone who understands RSI, MOMENTUM AND DUVERGE better than you. These concepts have been very helpful. Thanks ❤

  3. Arty, Thank you so much for your hard work. I have been watching your videos, taking notes, and then watching them again. They have helped me immensely in understanding the market and the skill set. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. It saved me so much time, just like you said. So, again, thank you. I hope you see this comment and know how grateful I am to have your videos for my learning.

  4. Dont try to predict tops and bottoms. Wait on a break of structure. Dont go on tbe one minute chart, i wouod say the lowest you shouod go is the 15mins. So saty on the 1hr and tge 30 minutes timeframes. You will get stopped out multiple times on tge 1 minutes tf

  5. Watched your video. Took my notes. Immediately looked at my charts and patiently watched for a setup. Went long, 9 minutes later $630 and closed out the trade. Thanks for the help Arty.

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