Robinhood Investing For Beginners 2023 (Step By Step Tutorial)

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  1. Very good application for stock market business however am in Ghana how is it possible for me to use app for stock market business with regards to the use of the SSN number. Thank you

  2. I'm new to trading and was woundering do you need a credit card? and when you say any amount I can deposit like $5? also what If i don't have a job? and i live in canada?

  3. Great video, I’m just starting out, so trying to learn everything I can. I’m trying to buy a stock for $28, so I deposited $30…but then it said I “don’t have enough buying power” even though it says I have $30 in buying power. Anyone know what’s going on?

  4. So- is opening a brokerage account and putting money in it similar to putting money in your PlayStation Wallet funds or other similar. Just trying to understand some concepts.

    I'm curious about the tax portion of this. Generally. What am I paying taxes on and what does investing mean for me when paying taxes each year? I'm very interested.

  5. Question:
    Is it possible to write down on a piece of paper
    The dates of the payment day of each dividend and buy it a day before with a large amount for example if there’s a 5% yield dividend and I buy it with 100k a day before would I still make the whole 5% which means 5k? And then sell the stock and go do the same with another?

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