RIPPLE XRP: Turn $500 into $100K with $XRP Trading Strategy (Ripple & Binance Trading 2024)

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    I'll explain exactly how it works here.

    You first exchange small amounts and with each exchange you receive around 15% more than the value of the currency you paid in. that's tempting. Once you have earned $1000, your withdrawal process will be frozen. Now you will only get your money back when you change status. Normally this would be VIP, but for that you have to deposit another $750. but even then you remain frozen. then you have to deposit for premium status 1250 to cancel, but your withdrawal still stays frozen, but since you broke the rules, you now have to become diamond, so you have to deposit 3000. After that, no one can be reached anymore. The support is then also frozen.
    By then you will realize that this is an extremely ingenious scam. Because the price difference is not that big on any stock exchange. Greed quickly clouds all logic for all of us. I lost 1000, then it was clear to me that the support was constantly adjusting its statements so that I was willing to deposit more. At first the support wanted me to make a diamond, but I said that I wouldn't deposit 3000 anymore, since we didn't know the company, suddenly the premium status was enough and I only had to deposit 1250. All alarm bells went off for me. After that, every sentence was just designed to get me to deposit more money somehow. Hold back your greed, otherwise you will lose your money.

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