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  4. Investors with a long term view are well positioned for the ultimate recovery because they understand that the market and economy will eventually revive. I'm doing great personally and will keep pushing hard in this wild market. Right now, my portfolio is up 43%. I'm going to take a backseat and watch how this all works, gradually adding more stocks.

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  15. Thanks! Your video calms me down everyday I watch it when the market is pumping! I'm going with your insights. It makes the most sense with where we are at in the cycle. The only thing that would make me think this cycle could be slightly different is the overall increased adoption of crypto since 2019 and all the hype with the BTC/ETH ETF speculation. Could the market stay held up this cycle by the anticipation of ETFs and the overall awareness that a bull run is coming? The surge is speculated to possibly be the beginning of a massive new uptrend, making it a crucial time for investors to pay attention, I've personally benefited from following Ben Palazzo trading tactics, amassing 23 bitcoins in a short four weeks period, which speaks volumes about his expertise

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