Ripple XRP IT’S ALL A LIE!!! This Is Their Plan For XRP All Along… (Best Crypto To Buy Now 2024)

Ripple XRP IT’S ALL A LIE!!! This Is Their Plan For XRP All Along… (Best Crypto To Buy Now 2024) Get The Underground …


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  2. I feel bad for anyone stuck in a XRP hole…
    It’s not going to ATHs anytime soon….
    XRP prints just like the USD does….how’s that working for the USD….

  3. Im most bullish on Kaspa, its my largest holding… next is XRP im not super bullish on XRP this run i dont think Utility will drive the price till after the bull market. So my plan is to dump my profits into XRP and precious metals this run. If XRP does moon this cycle im ok with that but I don't think we are gonna get over 5 dollars this run might not age well but hey im fine being wrong. Next I have HBAR I think this will be the first utility coin to take off as adoption and use is ahead of the rest already might do very well this run. Then I have my micro cap bets PARSIQ its listed on all the major exchanges and has a pretty low market cap its 40 mil right now i got it around 25 mil cap. Also the meme im betting on has performed pretty well so far is TURBO the first AI generated meme coin it also has a low market cap 54 mil market cap right now its already on uphold so if it gets a tier one listing that would be insane… These are the most bullish coins I have and bet most heavy on.

  4. Right XRP isn't for RETAIL meaning it's NOT a good INVESTMENT. Ripple uses XRP to make money and grow Ripple. When Ripple dumps, it comes out of retails pockets. Worse tokenomics in Crypto

  5. I'm new to BTC and I've been making losses trying to make profit myself in trading.. I thought trading demo account is just like trading trading the real market… Can anyone help me out or at least advise me on what to do?

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