Real Life Arbitrage Trade: how to execute a trade (tutorial)

Today we walk through a real life cryptocurrency arbitrage trade on the ARB 2.0 platform. We’ll be taking the time to go through …


  1. I signed up a weeknagonto Crypto Wizards subscription but haven't really dug into it deep yet nor do I understand much of it. Originally it was for the arbitrage finder where you click on the different rectangles to check for arb. What screen is this you are on, seems one menu in the side shows opportunities to trade that you speak of? Would love to know how to get to these 💯

  2. Hi arbidex tool data is not up to date and it does not refresh the data with current values every 5 minutes and he still offering monthly subscriptions for 27 dollars a month.

  3. i love you man if i had you in front of me id just kiss you in the face (no homo)
    man thank you for your checklist im new been studying for months but you made me absolute sure for arbitrage
    because if i didnt find you today I would have lost 1000$ today
    because as you said there's many coins with same sign so that really saved me man i love you. ill support you ill just buy your wizard subscription that's how ill support you man you're the best i love you again man.
    there's 2 coin and they have both TRU sign one is TrueFi and other is Truebit protocol they had a 76% gap that was like boom profit a lot of profit but something told me to do as your checklist so i did it and found they both are different coins. Man you just saved my ass. And made me intermidiate from beginer. <3 i mean man i love you soooo much man. Lead a happy and healthy life man.

  4. Dengan tehnologi AI (artificil inteligent) kita bisa investasi lebih aman, skrg sdh disosialisasikan AI bot utk membaca gap transaksi crypto. Percepatan wkt dgn dunia online membuat setiap kita bisa ambil sedikit profit. Krn kita punya keterbatasan mata dan fisik utk melek pasar, gabung dgn AI robot sangat membantu utk catch the profit. Yg mau tau lbh lanjut, bisa contact email sy utk link zoom, sambil belajar bisa tanya2.

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