Quantower: Your new Trading Tool

Today’s video covers Quantower, a (mostly) free platform that allows for phenomenal market analysis and live trading from most …


  1. 03:45 – How to get this bookmap on a slower timeframe like with Sierra? I find this to be of little use in it's current form. QT seems to be very promising – just a resource hog but thats more than likely cause it's based on .NET's or as we used to call it .CRAP . Uses about 8x more CPU and 14x more RAM than Sierra with the same charts open. QT is a LOT slower in that regard – BUT QT support is way way better and easier to use.

  2. there are a lot to cover on quantower, like you could do a playlist. (there are : trading, custom interface, backtesting, live strategies aka bots) orderflow etc.

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