Profitable VWAP Indicator Day Trading Strategies – Trade Bitcoin BTC in Crypto Bear or Bull Markets

Profitable VWAP Indicator Day Trading Strategies – Trade Bitcoin $BTC in Crypto Bear or Bull Markets. LINK to RECON Volume …


  1. It appears some low life scum bag is spamming the chat with a BS RECON Trader profile (They have zero vids or subs). Please note I would definitely never ask you to contact me via text or phone as I do not give that info out on YouTube.

  2. After my name 🔝 his 📧 Most newbies usually undermine and neglect the importance of technical analysis with regards to trading. Technical analysis overly predicts the movement of assets prices regardless of what is happening in the wider or broader market. Essentially, the education involves studying the paths of a particular asset movement in this past so as to establish a sustainable pattern that can be used to predict future movement of an asset. Doing technical analysis can be quite different which is why most newbies / traders neglect day trading their stocks/ coins and stick to holding which is very dangerous as when the market goes bearish, advise any newbies / traders to buy the dip for traders who are still wondering to enter the market or old time traders who are holders to seek help from not just any trader but an established trading expert with at least 96% trade accuracy .I underwent series of trading loses l'd best not talk about before I was introduced to trading analyst…🔝

  3. Good stuff! The VWAP is amazing. shows the "hot spots". Makes a lot of sense to pair the VWAP with a tight EMA for quick entries and exits. Your examples clearly show how this combo can substantially increase gains when trading trend continuation moves. Thanks for sharing 🤘 Volume is a hugely important metric when trend trading…for pretty much any asset class. I dont think it gets utilized enough in other crypto trading youtube channels.

  4. This kind of content people would like to see mate, you sharing or reviewing a tradingview indicator/ strategy. hope you can make more of these. thank you mate.

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