Profit Trailer : How to Setup Profit Trailer | The Real Deal Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

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  2. Being totally new to PT.. figuring out how and where to load and what to do can be a daunting task.. Id say Raspberry Pi 3 be the most efficient at home due to low power consumption.. that be a lot better than my gaming 8 core AMD rig with 850watts running 24hrs a day?

  3. Is this legit ? Bitconnect promissed also 1% and more a day and everything like that ist most likely a Ponzi. I know this is no Lending stuff but everthing i have to pay with bitcoin i´m really really carefull if i there is not even a company adress on their page

  4. How much money would I need to make the bot worth the fee starting because if the bot cost 900$ Aprox in but coin you have to make sure you have enough principal on the account for the 1% gains to be greater than the monthly cost

  5. Hi , great instructive video I'm running Profit trailer from three days now, very promising, but on # Monitoring page I still have configuration OFF, red , how can I make it green ???/

  6. what browser are you using, i have new computer with microsoft edge and windows 10 and it says it doesnt support java downloads or plug ins. also is profit trailer a plug in? i also bought PT from your link, sorry total newb here but i have been on binance for a few months

  7. if you're going to set this up to run one a single exchange, let's say, poloniex, when you enter the API keys into the text file for PT do both of those API keys generated by poloniex? or is one of them the PT license? that part was not clear to me.

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