Profit From Pumps On Binance Day Trading Cryptocurrency

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  1. I finally found an efficient pump detector. The Billionbots app even shows which cryptocurrency is rising the most in the 5 and 30 minute timeframe. I was able to increase my gains with this app.

  2. would that defeat your system is you just take any % profits? Exam: your risk on a stock/crypto is 3% gap. the n if your reward/risk ratio is 2:1 shouldnt you be consistent to wait for the 6% ?

  3. yeah seems like the entire market is rigged with pump and dumps….sucks for all the new or unaware traders loosing by trusting the rhythms of a natural trading platform, why does tje entire market and all alt coins pump together?

  4. Hello CryptoJack, i just want you to help in how to manage how much money put in in each trade, i mean, im just starting and i just want a tip on how to manage the bankroll. thank you.

  5. I transfer my ETH from Coinbase to GDAX then to Binance then convert it to some ALT coins then I sell those coins. What next? How do I withdraw to my bank or buy some other coins?

  6. Just signed up for that site a few nights ago.. good info.. thanks for the vid.. Also, I just signed up for your BTC Blueprint class last night and will prob get started this eve or tomorrow day.. was wondering if the signals are the same as the ones you give for the class? Hey look forward to making money with you have an excellent eve and I’ll speak to you soon man..peace

  7. I've been switching to this over small trades. You have to wait a little longer, but they are very effective, just don't get to greedy or you miss the sale point. Set a good realistic rebuy point. It's saving me the stress of several small trades a day. Just my opinion.

  8. hey man can u make a video on kind of a medium level topic. my question is, say there is an altcoin on an up trend a good up trend, and say u are making your profit for the day, then the day comes to an end and you need to sleep, what would u do? leave the coin there with the altcoin or take your profit and convert it to btc, eth or ltc, whichever you may be trading with. its a difficult question that im thinking about. great vid btw very valuable info with that website. thanks

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