Product Marketing Meeting (weekly) 2021-06-28


  1. I legit have used this to not be bothered many times. Then I got curious about this company and had to google it lol. “GitLab Inc. is an open-core company that operates GitLab, a DevOps software package which can develop, secure, and operate software”. Thank you Gitlab saving me since 2020!

  2. This community of people "using a random meeting video to pretend to work to avoid others" is the most I've ever felt seen. (Editor Note: I've watched this 30 times and I have no idea what Gitlab is.)

  3. Is this real or not? Apparently other people are here for the same reason. Its true authenticity cant be argued, as just like in most corporate worlds the black person on the team has no voice, say or input in anything.

  4. Omgggg!!!! I legit just searched work meetings so that I could get off the phone. Who knew there were others here who came for the same reason? I’m weakkk!!! I was like welp, we’re back in a meeting, I’ll call you back. 🤣💀🥴

  5. 100th time user, first time commenter.

    this is my go to for ‘meetings’ @ work, important bathroom noise so people know that i am most CERTAINLY using the bathroom as just a quiet place to hold my meeting… even use it to get away from vendors who randomly show up and i just don’t have time, etc.

    you all rock! no idea what this company does but i support it. and i attend meetings regularly.

  6. Lol I used this so that the cleaning check people wouldn't spend to much time in my room and notice my sugar glider's (that I'm not supposed to have) cage covered in a blanket. He did one quick look in and I said I was in a meeting and he legit said sorry and left with no questions 😂😂

  7. My mom is here helping me while I work from home looking after my nine month old. I'm about to take a lunch time nap/told my mom I'm in a meeting for an hour. This is almost distractingly funny and know so many jackoffs that talk like this in meetings.

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