Price Action Simplified in 3 simple Steps By Anish Singh Thakur

In Technical Terms The price action is a topic too much hyped & most people are unaware that it is a very simple concept. Its just …


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  2. Hi. Please tell about time frames to be used for MCX commodities to trade using price action.
    Or very useful if you prepare a separate video for commodity trading with single strategy..

  3. सर जी मार्केट एक रेज मे चलता है तो प्रीमियम खाता है सर जी इसके लिए हमे क्या करना चाहिए हम तो छोटे Trader है न 5000 से trade करते है

  4. सर आप खान सर के जैसे पूरा डिटेल मे समजा देते है सर मैं गार्ड का ड्यूटी करता हू और clg में पढ़यी करता हू intraday trading karta tha सर मेरा 45000 लॉस हो गया मेरे को सीखना है सर

  5. Thank u so much millions and millions and millions time. Bhaiya
    There's a other side of some where they asking for 10k aur 15k fees to teach all these . But you are. Teaching all these strategies free of cost.
    Watching all your videos 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. Brother I love the way your explain each every concept relavent to trading is as simple as learning ABC even a look will understand…… thank you so much…!!!!!!!!!

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