Potential of Crypto Options!

PRSundarShorts #Shorts.


  1. People saying 2k is a small amount. They need to understand that pr sundar has an capital of more than 10 cr in stock market so according to it 2000 dollars are just peanuts 🥜

  2. Usdt gave you that much of return? Hard to believe. Since usdt is a stable coin the price don't fluctuate much. Guys don't believe everything you see on the internet

  3. Inbetween you were in deep loss and brought in $19K to salvage from that situation. Hence you should calculate the ROI based on 21K and not 2K. Also in real life trading its not possible for people to bring such magic wand. So please don't give greed instigating ideas to people in a business where 99% are already loosing money

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