Polkadot (DOT) Cryptocurrency Explained for Beginners!

Explaining the cryptocurrency Polkadot for Beginners! Enjoy! ▻ Join the Patreon Community ➭ …



    🤩 Are you looking forward to this next character? Panda would like to say hello to you!

    🐼 Panda – is a defensive pet, buffs HP and armor for heroes. The higher the rarity, the higher the base stats and buffs will be.

    🍃 Panda★ has a damage index of 1000, 1500 HP, attack speed if 0.5. Damage per second reaches 500 DPS. Buff +10% HP + 5% Armor for heroes.

    🍃 Panda★★ has a damage index of 2000, 3000 HP, attack speed is 1.0. Damage per second reaches 2000 DPS. Buff +20% HP + 10% Armor

    🍃 Panda★★★ has a damage index of 3000, 4500 HP, attack speed is 1.5. Damage per second reaches 4500 DPS. Buff +30% HP + 15% Armor

    🍃 Panda★★★★ has a damage index of 4000, 6000 HP, attack speed is 2.0. Damage per second reaches 8000 DPS. Buff +40% HP + 20% Armor

    🍃 Panda★★★★★ has a damage index of 5000, 7500 HP, attack speed is 2.5. Damage per second reaches 12500 DPS. Buff +50% HP + 25% Armor

    🔥 Let’s play the game and become one of the heroes of Zombie World Z🔥

  2. really cool! i find polkadot kind of similar to cosmos as both have that focus on interoperability. im kind of becoming more interested in cosmos as it feels like it gives more independence to the other blockchains. would love if you do a video on cosmos and hear what you think of it 🙂

  3. Can someone educate me on that ? If Bitcoin trading never stops, when looking at the Candle charts, how do you determine the opening and closing price? When is the cutoff ? (I am just using the charts on yahoo) Thanks!

  4. Even most kusama parachain Auctions Winners prices Crashed. None successful except moonriver.
    All rest kusama parachain Auctions Winners Failed miserably. Bcoz KSM, dot r slow .
    SOL Luna Avast FTM HBAR ALGO KDA flux Etc Etc Etc are super Fast fast , building projects over them

  5. Polkadot is about to get Luna & Solana type pump next, most probably starting next week.. supply of DOT will be decreasing constantly and demand will pump due to the ongoing Parachain auction..

    Supply shock and to the moon!!!

  6. Billions in dot are locked up, why the price is descending ? Luna and dot both dropped from 50+ now look at luna and dot, with all the parachain auctions and what not , the price is below par

  7. 👆👆You can hold 10 BTC in a year and it could probably drop below 10 BTC or go higher with small profits, not up to an additional 2 BTC of my bitcoins in months I first doubted him but he doesn't ask about his 20 -percentage commission until you start withdrawing your winnings, I can't keep it to myself because I'm grateful>

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