Phemex Trading Review – Fastest Way to Major Bitcoin Gains!

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  1. Phemex clearly states in their terms you cannot use their platform if you are a citizen of the United States. Bitboy you ought to be ashamed of yourself for encouraging US Citiizens to break the law. If the SEC comes after you, don't go crying that you're innocent. You are not innocent

  2. You are always keeping it real Good Video!! I have been able to make some good money in this trying times of crypo through investments,that’s what I would advise anyone to do.Don’t be scared to make profitable investments.I was able make it happen with
    Sabaa Saniyah Toma

  3. Know… he puts money, before religion… He doesn’t like the fact I’m right… we’re in the rapture… and it’s a realm… I’m his “AWAKENING” and Bit Boy doesn’t want to get out… we’re spiritual being…. Crypto keeps ya here.. God said “the LOVE of money…”…

    And this goes for EVERYONE… it’s only a realm dude… I know it… I’m trying to wake you up… and you want to bury you head in the sand…

    Your playing with fire…


    You’ll be sorry when I’m right 😎

  4. My god so many HATERS. This guy changed my life! So he made a video about Phemex and got you 180 dollar bonus for signing up. I say that's good for the bit Squad members free money. Second he has always talked about AND worked with Phemex this is not new! You want a real POS go watch Bitcoin Chris on Crypto Rev that guy lost me thousand's of dollars. This guy has made me ALLOT of money!!!!! 🤑

  5. Everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire in the future, and one way to achieve that is by having patience and being a risk taker so to all who listen to this video I'm encouraging all you to explore more not just in one project but make sure that it has potential that will give you a lot of opportunities like in MetaVersus. Citizens there would be full of experiences and opportunities.

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