PESTEL Analysis EXPLAINED | B2U | Business To You

In this episode of Business To You, Lars talks about the PESTEL Analysis (formerly known as PEST factors) and how to use it …


  1. Thanks for this fantastic presentation. Can you please shed some lights or enlighterments on this analysis when it comes to or related to goverment agencies?

  2. Hello sir, I've recently joined as a "Research Associate" In a private company. I have an assignment on PESTLE Analysis on the topic "Global vertical farming" where do I start? and how do I get the data?

  3. A PESTEL analysis is a framework or tool used by marketers to analyze and monitor the macro-environmental factors that have an impact on an organization, company, or industry. Many restaurant and business uses PESTEL framework to look at the SWOT analysis.

  4. Great video – Just a quick tip to anyone watching this: Don't use the Corruption Perception Index to determine corruption. I'm an economic sociologist, and in the field CPI is going out of fashion since it turns out that when you measure the real amount of corruption it doesn't really affect people's perception. Like, in Colombia corruption has been reduced drastically but people still percieve high levels of corruption because that's what they grew up with.

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